Academics | Trinity Christian School


Trinity Christian School’s educational program is exceptional.  We develop students who love learning, think deeply, and communicate effectively.  Our teachers are among the best.  Our school’s curriculum guides which our teachers use are literally hundreds of pages; posting them to our website is impractical.  However, if you visit the link on the right hand side of this paper, you can view a course description which gives an excellent overview of each class.  We strive to balance our curriculum using the best of the North Carolina Essential Standard course of study.  Our curriculum guides align with the NC Essential Standards yet our methodology also incorporates classical instruction.  Biblical integration encompasses all that we do. If you have questions about a specific area of the curriculum, please do not hesitate to call, email, or setup an appointment to talk.   

The curriculum at Trinity is seen through a Christian worldview.  We integrate biblical truth in every curriculum area from science, math, and PE to language arts and music, our students learn about the life of Jesus Christ and The Word of God.  God’s Word is truly a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.  The biblical foundations nurtured here from preschool through 8th grade are the cornerstones of a lifetime of Christian service.

Our students are taught the timeless skills of thinking, reasoning, logic and expression.  We recognize the strengths of the students through their developmental stages and adjust the manner and means of which we teach.  Our curriculum is challenging and rich.  The examination and reading of classical literature is encouraged.  The entomology and meanings of words is taught with emphasis on their Greek and Latin roots.  Grammar is critically important; the history of civilization comes alive, and math, science, and technology are taught in a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment.  We use a wide range of the best text books available from both Christian and non-Christian publishers.  Our classrooms are equipped with the latest technology.  Our classrooms maintain order.  Manners and respect are an integral part of this order.

As a school we have more than 4 decades of educational experience.  Our families trust that the education their children are getting is outstanding.  Our parents work with us hand-in-hand realizing that education of children is one of the most serious responsibilities of a Christian parent.  Our testing outcomes demonstrate excellence.  We are accredited by the distinguished Association of Christian Schools International. (link)

With faith and our experience we are truly “preparing tomorrow’s leaders for life-academically, socially, and spiritually”.

Priscilla McBrayer,
Dean of Faculty